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Indoor Cycling Classes Milwaukee Location

 Indoor Cycling Classes Milwaukee Location
$18.00 - $295.00
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Coach Brent's 21-week program is three blocks of seven weeks each:
The first 1/2 hour of each session is yoga, then onto the bikes. Some bike classes include off bike exercises and plyometrics interspersed into the time.

Program structure:
There are Three Seven Week Periods to total 21 weeks. #1) Base work, Block #2) Building, Block #3) Early Season Race Prep.

During each seven week block, we work one week speed, one week power, one week endurance, then repeat those three weeks, and the 7th week is testing, recovery, more core.

Because our classes are inside on your own bike and trainer, no-one gets dropped!

We welcome all ability levels and we have a lot of fun.
Our program is very technique oriented. You will learn a lot and get in great shape