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Adaptive Bicycles for the Differently Abled

Adaptive Bicycles for the Differently Abled

Emerys is the #1 place in S.E. Wisconsin for Adaptive Bicycles.

  • Our selection is not limited, as we have dealerships with most adaptive bicycle brands.
  • The magic we do revolves around the assessment appointment where we see what opportunities each person's body is capable of. We can help find a bicycling solution for you for Strokes, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Downs, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Chromosome disorders, etc, etc. There is no limit to what we can craft or modify to make it right for you.
  • Emerys has crafted well over 1,000 stock and customized adaptive bicycles. We've even invented some ground breaking excellent solutions for unique clients such as a a much better adaptive pedal with a tallr heel cup and a balancing weight under, a torso activated braking system, custom crank lengths, super short reach brake levers for 3 yrs old & up, etc.

  • There are some community funding sources if you cannot afford an adaptive bicycle. For children For those under 21 yrs old, check out  Variety Childrens Charity of Wisconsin You should also check with your local County for Childrens Long-Term Support (CLTS) funding.
  • For those over 21 years old, check out IRIS funding

Here are just some examples of adaptive bikes we sell. Call us for information on any brand of adaptive bicycle. 414-463-0770