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What do our Customers Say about Us?

customer reviews of shop

What do our customers have to say about us?


This letter is from 4 days after a client was fit by Brent.

I felt good on the bike.  My legs were fresher than normal and I had almost no feet issues...sometimes (in the past) they like to fall asleep etc.  New, more comfy shoes might help with this also.  At first I felt like the new stem was too short but was used to the changed position quite quickly.  Less muscle pain in the neck and shoulders.

The (new Vision) shifters are great. Overall my review is 5 stars.  They shift exact and precise and are super easy to get used to. 



I sent one of my athletes to you for a fit. On his first race after the fit, he set PR's for his bike AND run. And the knowledge you gave him has him feeling much more confident.

Many thanks, Renee


I raced this weekend and literally have never felt so good on a bike, it was amazing! AND I ran 8, that's right, 8 minutes faster. Thanks for the magic! I will be forwarding a picture in a second that you'll like. Renee


Thank you so much for doing a fantastic workshop last night. I knew you were going to be excellent, but you hit it out of the park! The feedback from our members has been tremendously positive. And I know they appreciated the tweaks you did on their bikes. Do you have that handout you brought, in electronic form? We would like to post it on the website for people to review. Thanks again so much, Carol


Would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided me in my recent bicycle rental . It was a pleasure to be treated to such a high level of service from someone passionate about their vocation. Your level of service was only matched by the 3 glorious days of weather I was so fortunate to encounter for cycling. Three successive sunny days of low humidity and highs of low 70"s. That coupled with the wonderful roads and trails of Wisconsin the riding could not have been better. Hopefully it will not be to long before I get an opportunity to ride in Wisconsin again, and if I need a rental I know where I am going. Enjoy your summer and thank you. James

How we are getting better

Things that cause us to want to improve.

First and formost YOU!

The goal of a job well done.

There are seasonal times we are busy and trying to get everyone handled in an efficient manner is always a challenge. There are some customers who take to time to let us know on those needs to improve our process. Thanks to those who speak up rather than not.

So with that in mind, here's some honest critiques that WE TAKE SERIOUSLY.

"You matched the internet price when I mentioned it. How about that price right up front?"

SOLUTION: Some categories we do that automatically, but on depressed mdse, we dont. Plus there are things Emerys has at lower prices than internet.

"I was still waiting--I realize it was a minor repair and the service department gets busy, but a simple "we're busy, can you wait until Monday?" would have been fine--"

SOLUTION: Better training with our staff and definitive communication with staff and clients.

"give me 2 more minutes to finish and I'll be out of there. I know what I wanted; I didn't want to chat; I just wanted to buy the stuff and get going."

SOLUTION: Ask clients if they have the time if we are feeling chatty