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Emerys Policies for Price, Special orders and Returns

Price Policy

Factory direct pricing is normal at Emerys. We have same deals as our vendors sell at direct to consumer. 

Price match with factory direct, local stores, web sites: Same exact item/ UPC number, Same days of the offer, Same freight, Same price. Other seller has to be an authorized dealer for that product and have it in stock to sell. No refurbs or close matches.

Special orders

Special orders non-cancellable if it is an item that we do not normally stock. 

Restock fee on heavy items can vary a lot because of freight. Restock on items we sometimes stock, but were special ordered, or are end of season may be considered if returned within 7 days, and if accepted for return are a issued a store credit.


We offer a 30 day return policy on items we stock if returned with packaging and product in un-used new condition. 

Cash refunds over $50 may be returned as a check.

If your payment was with a check, we must wait until your check has cleared and we received payment into our account. We will write a check once that transpires. 

If your payment was a credit card, we will need to issue the refund on the same card. 

If your payment was on a debit card, most of the time, your credit card company cannot process the refund onto your card, so we may need to write a check.

If the item was on a special order or lay-away, an in store credit will be issued. 

If the item was ordered in just for you, (was not in our stock at the time of your order), a freight return fee is likely to be assessed. That fee varies according to the size/weight freight charge.

Most special order items we do not normally stock are not eligible for returns. We do have some vendors who have unconditional return guarantee (except not with damage). If your item is from one of those vendors, a full refund will be issued, less return freight / factory restock fee in some cases.. 

If we performed labor on you item you are returning, (ex: customizing or fitting a bike, installing the special ordered item on your bike, a special ordered item for a bike you had in for service, assembling the item, or in the cqase of electronics, assisting with set-up, etc) , then the labor value of the service we performed is not eligible for refund.