Bicycle Fitting Services

Professional Bicycle Fitting Services

After 60,000+ precision bicycle fittings, we understand how to facilitate you to on the path to your goals and dreams. We offer great bike fitting with every bike. Do you need an enhanced fitting beyond that? Sometimes, if you seek a higher level of perfection, which we offer. Call for an appointment with one of our fitting specialists. Does it mean getting a new custom bike? Sometimes. Other times we can sell you a stock bike or retrofit your existing bike.Call 414-463-0770 for a fitting appointment.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Fitting Included with bike purchase. 

Depending on the price of the bike you buy, the included fit is worth $75 to $275. While we have this special going on, this saves you serious money compared to buying elsewhere. Even when we charge for the fit with a bike, the process and accuracy is why thousands of riders decided this is the best place to do their business. We also offer fitting appointments for bicycle purchased elsewhere.

Emerys Third Coast fits EVERY bike we sell. We have been innovators in fitting cyclists on bikes for more than 40 years. 60,000+ real bike fittings to date. 

Consider all the added free extended warranty, free service packages and free or discounted fitting we include with your new bike.  Depending on the value of the bike you purchase, our CUSTOMER CARE PACKAGE is a total value of $120 to $520. That's on every bike we sell!  You also recieve a one year comfort & correctness guarantee on how we fit your bike to you.

Already have a bike? We also offer fitting services by appointment.Whether you want to be faster or more comfortable, overcome an injury or expand your knowledge base on how a better fit can improve your race results, or all of these, Emerys can help!


Check out these video clips from Brent as he explains some of the shop's bike fitting techniques. We're currently building up our online resources to get you the best information about our bike fitting expertise. Bike Fitting - (btw, new videos coming soon)


Please allow extra time in your schedule when coming in for your fitting session. Note: From late March through July, we (and all bike shops) have the height of our season, so allow a bit more time.

We care about the quality of your fit and therefore will match you with the appropriate staff member for your needs. We specialize in correcting nagging problems!

For Triathlon Fitting, our Wauwatosa location is THE PLACE TO GO! Fitting innovator and specialist Brent Emery has a promise of giving you a better overall triathlon, not only fast on the bike, but a better run after! For before or after hours fitting appointments add 50% to the rates below.


Price Range


What's Involved

$175 - $200 (subtract $50 - $125 for bikes bought at Emerys) Cost variance is for the wide variety of bikes and from a basic to moderate time session

BASIC Bike Fit for Hybrid and Recreational bikes.

CLASSIC. Seat height, fore aft, seat angle, basic handlebar adjustment, brake and shift lever positioning. Some equipment types will justify going to Standard Fitting below.

$250 Road/Mtn/Cross/Tour (subtract $100 - $250 for bikes bought at Emerys)

CLASSIC Road/Mtn Bike Fit

CLASSIC. Above services plus advancing fit for more involved cyclists to micromanage comfort, cadence and power output.

$300 Triathlon (subtract $100 - $300 for bikes bought at Emerys)

GO FASTER Tri Bike Fit or Road Bike with clip-on aero bars

GO FASTER. .Above services with positioning optimized specifically for triathlon and time trial races. Plus detailed adjustment or selection of aero bars. Customizing of aero bars is available at extra costs if needed.

$400 Road/Mtn,  $425 Triathlon (subtract $100 for bikes previously bought at Emerys)



Above services plus evaluation/selection of crank length with Computrainer analysis, and detailed nuances of positioning on your new or existing bike.

For those seeking an exact measurement chart from which to have a custom bike built, or to use these measurements to select the optimal off the shelf bike, this is the preferred service.

WHEN YOU USE THIS SERVICE BEFORE PURCHASING A BIKE AT EMERYS, you will receive a partial or FULL credit of the cost of this service toward your bike purchase, depending on the value of your new bike.



THE WORKS! Above services plus Session with Coach Brent Emery for power output analysis during a real workout with Computrainer (shows output for each leg plus efficiency throughout pedal stroke), heart rate vs cadence vs position assessment. Takes 3-5 hours during which you will learn much about the nuances of technique and training,

$750(& up)


DEDICATED COMPETITOR FIT AND TRAINING CONSULTATION. Above services with Coach Brent plus a consultation of your yearly training plan relative to your race schedule. Includes Coach Brents Intuitive Self Coaching Training Diary System.

$50 (subtract $5 for shoes/pedals bought at Emerys)

Install cleats to pedals and fit cleat angle by established manual parameters

Note, If bike position is not good, a bike fit is advised before cleat fit.

$75 (subtract $10 for shoes/pedals bought at Emerys)

FOOT ANGLE VALGUS/ VARUS Assessment w/ corrective wedges between cleat/shoe

Assess Valgus / Varus of the sole of the foot (Alignment of the foot angle relative to the tibia) with diagnostic foot bed degree indicator.

Install Cleat Wedges as needed and align cleats to established manual parameters. (includes up to four 3 degree wedges, added wedges $4 each)

$120 (subtract $15 for shoes/pedals bought at Emerys)

The Ultimate in pedaling correctness and comfort. EMERYS ORBITAL PEDAL/SHOE FITTING

ORBITAL PEDAL/ SHOE FITTING. Includes the Power Wedge assessment and Wedges above.

This is the Ultimate in foot/shoe/ ankle/knee alignment and comfort. Not only helping feet, but facilitates correct alignment from the foot through the knee and into the hip.

Cleat positioning is accomplished with a completely objective result using the Fit Kit R.A.D Rotational Adjustment Device diagnostic pedals.

Valgus (outward tilt) / Varus (inward tilt) assessed with diagnostic foot bed degree indicator.

Add cost of extra wedges or pedal extenders.

future attractions:

Moldable / Customizable Shoe inserts

We are researching the products in this field to select the one that really does the job of correcting the interface between your foot and the shoe you cycle in. Most inserts are just snake oil. We want one that truely molds to your foot AND THE SHOE! Because of the varied inside of most shoes, we prefer heat moldable shoes at this time.

The services below are in addition to fitting services:

Basic Seat Study $20 / Guided Seat Study $50 & up / Custom - by time


Put bike on trainer, take stock seat measurements, install a quick change seatpost, instruct customer on seat installation, and do SEAT WIDTH SELECTOR. Turn fit station over to customer for them to try as many seats as they make time for! Bike fitting services are extra and by appointment.


Change Stem

This is for stems with a faceplate. For closed stems, add $10 - $15 for hybrid/mtn or up to $20 - $25 for road with retaping extra.

$25 & up

Change Hybrid/Mtn Handlebar

If a taller handlebar, add cost of cables and brake/gear labor as needed.

$50 & up

Change Road Handlebar

If a bar has internal cable routing, price will be quoted at that time, Varies from $60 to $120. Cost of new handlebar tape extra.


Install new seat

Fitting services extra.

$50 for non adjustable clip-ons, $90 - $150 for adjustable clip-ons to be installed and adjusted.

Install new aero bars

This includes install and aero bar adjustments only. If you are not in a good tri position to begin with, then add the appropriate fitting services fron top chart.

If a bar has internal cable routing, labor price will be quoted at that time, Varies from $60 to $120. Labor discounted with bar purchase.

We also offer modular custom aero bars. Price quoted at time of fit based on equipment needed.

$12.50 - $20

Install new handlebar wrap

Gel under layers offer even more comfort. Add $10 & up.

$15 up

Install and calibrate new bicycle computer

 The up chrages are for cadence, double wireless, or Power reading models.

$15 - $25 (if cables or shhift levers need to be removed/ reinstalled, cabling redone and derails adjusted, cost is $75)

Cut excess off aero extensions

This can only be done after a proper fit. Add fit separately if needed.

$20 & up

Re route, shorten or lengthen cabling

If a bar has internal cable routing, price will be quoted at that time. Varies from $60 to $120