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 Emery's Comprehensive Tune Up
Want your bike to work great and be clean? Emerys Comprehensive Tune up is our best tune up short of a complete overhaul. Included is... *) Drive train removed (cranks, chain, derailers, cassette), stripped of old grease, cleaned and lubricated. *) Frame and wheels washed, and frame waxed *) All pivots,cable entrances,nuts/bolts lubricated. *) Standard wheel truing *) Brakes adjusted *) Derailers adjusted *) All bearings adjusted *) Cables inspected, lubricated, stretched as needed. *) Seat post and stem/fork interfaces lubricated. *) Torque specs checked throughout bike *) Tires detailed This is Emerys's best bike tune up. Parts, parts labor, damage quoted at time of check in.
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